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ClickAndChat is a no nonsense live chat support solution that can be be enabled on your website in a matter of minutes. It doesn't have the huge range of features that some of its competitors have, but still provides everything you would need to make the most of being able to chat with visitors to your site, including excellent web-based and desktop clients. Our only gripe is with the flat pricing model which isn't very well explained and we still aren't quite sure how much it is to add extra operators.

There is a free trial of ClickAndChat available which we would recommend trying before signing up properly. This is fully functional and lets you see the well designed client applications and website integration that ClickAndChat offers. The rich user interface will allow operators to start taking calls in no time at all and gives them all the information they need about the caller at their fingertips. However, we aren't sure what to say about the full cost of the software as there is only one flat monthly price quoted and we didn't get a response from customer service. The basic price is quite reasonable, but usually it would cost extra to add more operators and this is what we couldn't figure out.

ClickAndChat has all the features you would expect from a good quality live chat solution. You can track visitors to your site in real time and see which pages they have been looking at. Handily you can do this across a number of sites from the one client application. Operators can monitor the request queue and chat between themselves if they need assistance answering the call. To save time, canned responses can be used to respond to common questions. One notable feature that was missing is the ability to pro-actively initiate a chat session with a visitor, which many similar applications do offer.

ClickAndChat also offer an outsourced chat operator model whereby you run the software on your website, but ClickAndChat provide operators to answer customer queries. If you decide to go for this you will go through an initial consultation to provide all the information an operator may need to be able to answer customer queries. You will have to contact ClickAndChat for a quote, but we think this could be a good value option for sites that don't need full time operators of their own.

ClickAndChat is a good quality solution, but with one or two discrepancies which prevent us from rating it too highly. However, if you like what you see it would be worth getting in touch with ClickChat to consider your requirements. We would also like to see a few more features added to the software to keep it in line with the functionality of similar solutions. A free trial is up for grabs though so follow the links on this page to make up your own mind.

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