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123 Live Help Review

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123 Live Help is a flexible and cost-effective live chat solution that can be tailored to many different uses. Primarily we are looking at using the software for providing live chat functionality for visitors to a website, but the company also offers fully customized web-based solutions for ecommerce, e-tutoring and dating. 123LiveHelp takes no time to set up and has hundreds of great features that will mean you can offer the best customer experience possible.

123LiveHelp can be purchased as a fully hosted solution or as a software package you can install on your own servers. If you know what you are doing and have the infrastructure to support it, there are definitely long term cost savings by opting to host the software yourself, but for smaller businesses a managed solution is probably more sensible. There is a monthly cost this way, but you have the full support of the 123LiveHelp team at all times should something go wrong and very little to do to set the system up.

Installing 123LiveHelp on a server is something we won't go into here as it does take some technical knowledge. However, this is unavoidable and 123LiveHelp have done everything they can to make things run smoothly. Signing up for a hosted solution is as simple as filling in a form and a free trial is also available so you can see what you make of it. To add the live chat button to your website simply copy and paste the snippet of code that 123LiveHelp provides into your own site's pages. From then on you can monitor your site's visitors and engage them whenever you like.

The user interface 123LiveHelp provides isn't quite as modern looking as some of the products we have looked at in this category. However, it still works very well and is extremely fast and secure. Visitors to your site can click a button to initiate a chat with one of your operators and your team can respond to them by using the downloadable Windows client software. It would be nice to see the addition of a mobile or web-based operator console, but the Windows desktop software does offer superior performance.

123LiveHelp has plenty of features to ensure your customers get the best experience possible. One such feature, and one not often seen in live chat support software, is the ability to video chat between visitors and operators. This could be particularly useful in customer support when something needs demonstrated visually. Even if you have a full quotient of operators there will still be times when your customers have to wait and so it's nice to see 123LiveHelp have implemented a queueing feature which shows the customer where they are in the queue. This should help lessen their frustration at waiting and could help to improve your sales. Finally, the user interface is fully customizable with your own branding to help ensure a professional finish and ensure that your customers know who they are talking to!

123LiveHelp offers an excellent range of functionality that  will be useful no matter what size of website you run. The solution has been designed for scalability and performance from the ground up and, with the top-end packages, you can run with an unlimited number of operators. Furthermore, with servers in Europe and America as well as the option to run things yourself, speed and security are guaranteed. Flexible pricing plans are available and discounts are on offer when paying annually so why not see what 123LiveHelp can do for your business today?

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