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Live Chat Now Review

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LiveChatNow is easily one of the poorest quality live chat systems we have looked at in this category. A quick glance a the home page with its poorly written copy and wonky design should tell you all you need to know about the service. In a market full of high quality, highly polished products LiveChatNow just doesn't make the cut despite a valiant attempt to throw all the necessary features into its application.

It is very difficult to tell exactly what LiveChatNow does due to the poorly designed website and badly written marketing material on its website. We even got in touch with customer services, but received no reply. However, as far as we can tell it's a hosted service which will enable your website for live chat with its visitors. We say we think it's hosted, but there is a statement which says installation is free on request – we have assumed that's installation into your website rather than installing the product on your servers. Do let us know if you can figure out more!

The LiveChatNow free trial gave us some idea of what the full product offers and if you were hoping for something designed slightly better than the home page, look away now. Ok, so the user interface that a chatter will see isn't quite as bad as the homepage, but it isn't great and we did hit a few bugs trying to engage in a chat session. The much trumpeted “cross platform” operator console isn't much better either and, being written as a Java browser application, probably isn't that secure either. It would be much better as a straight forward web-based console.

If you dig down you actually see that LiveChatNow makes an effort to include all the useful features that many of its competitors offer. Things like auto invitations, canned responses and post chat surveys are all up for grabs, but it's just not that easy to set things up. You also have to really search to even realise LiveChatNow does these things! The team have even gone to the effort of providing a number of scripting APIs so that you can extend the functionality and seemingly build new front ends on to the system.

At the price LiveChatNow is being offered at you can easily afford one of the services in our top ten and we can guarantee you will be better off than opting for LiveChatNow. It's a shame because underneath it all we are sure there is potential in LiveChatNow, but the company really need to sort out the impression they are giving and tidy up all the bugs and niggles throughout the service. Unfortunately we can't recommend LiveChatNow, but do check out the top ten in this category for some excellent live chat support products.

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