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LiveHelper is an all in one live chat support and remote assistance solution. Different plans offer different capabilities to suit situations where you may need only live chat or a full customer support solution. While the user interface looks fairly dated the functionality still works reasonably well, but we would hope that LiveHelper is due for an upgrade soon. It's not the best product we have looked at in this category, but not the worst either.

We get the impression Livehelper was built quite a long time ago and will be coming towards the end of its service before too long if it doesn't get a revamp. It uses some Java based client technologies which are behind the times and have been shown recently to be insecure. The website and user interface also look slightly past their best and in need of a facelift. However, we did find it relatively easy to sign up to Livehelper and install the chat button in our test website. Doing so doesn't take very long and enables visitors to easily chat with any of your operators at the click of a button.

The Livehelper operator client only runs on Windows desktop PCs so any hope of having a mobile operator army goes out the door here. Disappointingly, Livehelper doesn't even offer a web-based operator client to allow operators to log in without installing any software. This would be forgiveable if the desktop client was astoundingly brilliant, but unfortunately Livehelper's offering just doesn't cut it. The user interface is poorly designed and there isn't much in the way of tutorials or help to get you started using it. Given the prices of a Livehelper package we would have expected better.

Feature-wise Livehelper doesn't do too badly and offers all the main things you would need to run a customer support team. The chat functionality is basic, but does offer pro-active invitations and canned responses to make the most of every visitor to your site. The best features only come on the most expensive plan, but remote assistance and voice chat are important additions if you really want to give your customers the best support experience possible. Again the technology used to implement these features does seem to be a little out of date, but it still works without too many problems.

As you might have guessed by now, we think Livehelper would benefit greatly from a bit of a revamp. There is a decent product waiting to come out here but, without some investment and development, we can't see it keeping up with the pace of change. For the same price you could opt for one of the products in our top ten which we think offer better value for money and more security long term. Check out the links on this page to see what you think.

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