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Velaro Review

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Velaro is a provider of enterprise-level live chat solutions for medium to large sized businesses with the budget to spend on a robust and powerful service. For this reason it might not be for everyone, but it earns a place in our top ten by being one of the best in its class for enterprise level customers. Velaro has won numerous awards for its customer service and admits itself that it doesn't provide any extra features over and above the competition, just better service. If you are looking for a fully manage live chat service for your website or business, Velaro may just have what you are looking for.

Velaro offers two levels of service and the price of its plans will depend on your specific requirements. Both levels are aimed at enterprise clients, but one does offer more features than the other. The main difference is that with the Enterprise Omni Pack you get enterprise level security and a service level agreement put in place as well as more advanced reporting. Furthermore, you will get a personal 'success manager' who will oversee your project and make sure you get the most out of the Velaro service. The Velaro homepage provides a good side by side comparison though so you can see which best fits your needs. By filling in the form you can also get a free trial if you want to try things out.

If you want to see how Velaro works from your visitors' point of view just visit the home page and click the button to initate a chat with a sales representative. This is exactly how things will appear on your own site once you insert a snippet of code into your pages. Of course you can also fully brand the user inteface to provide your customers with a seamless experience. As visitors browse your site you can pro-actively issue a chat invitation which they will see pop up on their screen, much like you will see if you spend time on Velaro's pages. These invites can be sent automatically based on a variety of rules that you can specify and are a great way of making sure you don't miss a potential sale.

Velaro has been designed with call centres in mind, but this doesn't mean it isn't suitable for other types of business too. What it does mean is that there is a big focus on managing large numbers of operators and lots of features to support this. For example, you can group operators into departments and use the smart workflow system to prioritize and direct requests. A clean and well designed web interface let you manage these types of things with ease. From this dashboard you can also create customer surveys which can be pushed out on a variety of channels, but collate the data in one place. The results from these surveys can feed into the advanced reporting system which lets you, amongst other things, see which operators are performing best and how many leads are being converted. The reports are well presented and are exactly the types of thing senior management in your company will like to see.

Velaro provides excellent live chat solutions, but they are mostly suited to larger companies. If your business has the budget for this kind of system Velaro will certainly not disappoint. Crucially, a service level agreement will be in place to ensure you get the uptime you need and support if things go wrong. If your business is on the smaller side check out some of the other products in our top ten which are much better suited to smaller budgets.

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