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Flash Coms Chat Software Review

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FlashComms is a company offering a wide range of instant messaging and video chat solutions to suit any type of use case you can think of. Whether you want to add a video chat community to your website, build a corporate communication tool or just add simple chatting functionality, you can be sure to find something to suit your requirements. All the solutions are built around a core Flash-based technology which provides high end video chatting capability and will integrate with any existing systems you may have.

While FlashComms offers many different products, we will be looking mainly at the Site Messenger application as this is probably the most suited to a live chat support scenario. Although it's the closest, it may still not be quite ideal, but FlashComms do offer a service to come up with new custom solutions as well. This product allows you to add full instant messaging-style functionality to your website with the option of including live video chat too. The whole user interface looks great and, being developed in Flash, offers a very responsive and rich experience over a typical web page – although users will need Flash installed to use it.

The excellent features that FlashComms Site Messenger offers do come at the price of quite a complex installation. The product is sold as an installable server-based application and requires a streaming media server to run. If you don't know what that is, best look away now and get your IT department to have a look! While there is nothing too complex about the installation it's beyond the skills of an average computer user and will require a technical person to complete it. If you don't have anyone available, FlashComms can provide an installation service and also offer a hosting so that you don't have to manage things yourself – although this will incur monthly costs.

The prices FlashComms are offering for SiteMessenger are quite reasonable and should fit into the budget of most medium to large sized companies. However you will need to take into account te hosting and setup costs. If you opt for the most expensive pro version you get a desktop client too which can interact with users on the website. Another benefit of being a pro user is that FlashComms will accept new feature requests and do their best to implement them in future versions of the software.

FlashComms offers some great products although the costs are probably beyond the budgets of individual users. With a strong core framework, FlashComms can offer custom solutions to fit any requirements if you feel none of the turnkey solutions are suited. Free trials and demos are available of all the products on offer so why not check it out and see if your business could benefit!

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