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UserPulse is a user focused website personalisation solution that includes an excellent live chat element. UserPulse aims to reduce shopping cart abandonment and improve user satisfaction by monitoring behaviour and targeting content at the right time. The team have some great ideas and have implemented them well in an easy to use, great looking package. Custom quotes are the order of the day for most plans so we can't be too specific on prices, but weighed up against the extra money you could bring in from catching lost sales, we reckon UserPulse could be a great investment.

Arriving at UserPulse's homepage it's easy to see they have a good looking well designed website and this polish is applied to the product too. Both the live chat customer side and the web-based operator client look great and it is very easy to find your way around. It's also very easy to install just by copying a few lines of code into the pages on your site and then customers will be able to see when an operator is available to chat. Although the chat window isn't very customisable it looks good and will fit in with the look and feel of any modern website in our opinion.

Although the live chat features alone are well worth the monthly fee, UserPulse also throws an excellent range of personalisation features into its higher end packages. What your visitors see can easily be tailored based on a variety of criteria, including how good a lead they may be and which advertising campaign drew them in. A clever addition to this is that you can even see when someone you have previously emailed visits your site even if they don't click the customised link. The technical details of this aren't worth bothering with here, but safe to say it works and is very useful for tracking the effectiveness of your campaigns.

UserPulse positions itself as a solution for helping to avoid having your customers abandon their shopping cart before going through the checkout. It does this in a few different ways, but one of the most useful is that the system will automatically issue a chat invitation if it thinks the cart is about to be abandoned. Furthermore, if it misses the customer it can automatically email out a timeboxed discount to try and lure them back. The UserPulse team reckons these features can improve the sales from your website by up to 15%.

UserPulse is a great product if you are looking for a fairly simple live chat solution with some fairly advanced personalisation features. While we wouldn't recommend this as a customer service chat solution, UserPulse will fit well into any strategy for improving sales and reducing customer abandonment. The custom plans mean a solution can be tailored to any size of business and there is even a completely free option available to try out. UserPulse are definitely one to watch as they continue to grow and develop their product.

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