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AddOnChat is a Java-based chat solution that can easily be slotted into any website to provide online chat room style features. While this style of online chat has gone out of fashion in recent times there are still plenty of uses for it and plenty of online communities built around such chat rooms. AddOnChat caters for everything from small hobbyist websites up to large scale dating sites and offers a range of packages to suit any kind of budget.

While AddOnChat probably isn't the type of solution you would choose for providing online support or enabling customers to get in touch with you, it works great when you need to let users of your site chat to each other. Online chat rooms are still widely used all over the web and community websites can really benefit from providing users with a forum to share their views. AddOnChat can be easily added to any page just by copying and pasting a few line of HTML. Users will have to make sure they have the Java plug-in installed to be able to chat though. A live demo is available on the AddOnChat website to see what it's all about.

Java based solutions have been getting bad rap for their poor security recently and they also tend to look quite dated compared with HTML 5 and other new technologies. However, AddOnChat offers a robust and reliable product which looks good enough to fit into most websites. The user interface can be completely customized too, which lets you fit things into the look and feel of your site. Users will find the chat window easy to use as there are few controls to get to grips with. You can also set up moderators and admin users who can view chat histories, logs and moderate the messages users are posting.

The standard packages AddOnChat offers are designed to allow small businesses right through to enterprise organisations to choose a solution suited to their requirements. The prices are very reasonable too and vary mostly on how many concurrent chat users you want to allow. However, do check that the features that you want are included in the package because there are a number of extra modules, such as mobile and SSL, that AddOnChat charges extra for.

AddOnChat does the job as a Java-based chat room solution and is offered at very reasonable prices. However it does look a little dated and isn't as suited to live chat support as some of the products in our top ten. That said, with a completely free edition available you could do far worse if you are looking for a chat room for your online community website.

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