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Live 2 Support Review

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Live2Support is a fully hosted live chat support system that offers great value for money and all the features you would expect. It's very simple to set up and your site can be fully enabled within a matter of minutes even without much in the way of technical knowledge. While the user interface may not be quite as polished as some of the competition, the 99.5% uptime guarantee and secure communications still give Live2Support an edge over many of its competitors.

If we are honest we weren't that impressed with Live2Support's homepage when we first arrived. It isn't particularly well designed and some of the sales blurb is pretty poor. For example, one of the main links is 'How it Work' rather than 'How it Works'. The bad news is that the sub-standard design does continue into the product itself. The client side isn't too bad, but the operator tools could really do with an overhaul. The good news, however, is that the service as a whole is very robust and works without a hitch.

As it is a fully hosted solution Live2Support was very easy to install. All we had to do was simply copy some snippets of HTML and embed them within the pages of the site we wanted to enable for live chat. Then whenever someone visits your site you can monitor where they have come from, who referred them and even see what page they are currently looking at. This all comes from the operator view which shows a list of everyone currently on your site and lets operators initiate pro-active chat invitations to them.

The chat itself has all the features you would expect from a good instant messaging client. One we particularly liked is the ability to see all the previous chat history for a visitor each time they come back to your site. This is very helpful in customer support situations and can help operators work much more efficiently. If we were to gripe we could complain that you really have to opt for the most expensive gold package to get access to all the features, but even the basic packages still provide enough for basic support and chat.

If you are managing a large number of operators, you will be glad to know Live2Support offers some good reporting features to help you keep tabs on them. You can monitor chat sessions for training purposes and search the full history of every session that has taken place. Additionally there are a number of built in reports to help you analyze operator efficiency and customer satisfaction. Combine this with integration points to Google Analytics, Salesforce and Sugar CRM and you have a solution that will fit well into any enterprise.

Live2Support offers a solid and robust system with plenty of features and its prices are quite reasonable. However, without a good deal of customization its user interface will look dated and out of place on a modern web 2.0 style site. This isn't an insurmountable problem, but if you want something that will plug right in and look right at home on your shiny new site this might not be for you. Live2Support is definitely worth considering though and we would recommend giving the 15 day free trial a whirl to see what you think.

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