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Kayako Engage Review

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Kayoko Engage is one third of a suite of customer support services offered by Kayoko that is used by blue-chip organisations around the world. Kayoko Engage enables you to add live chat support functionality to your website with a view to increasing sales and improving the customer experience. With an excellent feature set, a great looking interface and plenty of scope for extension and integration, we think Kayoko Engage is a product worth looking at.

Kayoko Engage comes as either a cloud hosted solution (whereby Kayoko will charge you a monthly fee and take care of all the hosting and setup), or as a download which you can install on your own servers. The set of features is the same independent of which option you choose so it really comes down to whether you have the know-how within your company to manage an enterprise level service. Although Kayoko Engage works well own its own, as a live chat solution it becomes even more powerful as a customer support solution when combined with the other products Kayoko offers. We won't go into these here, but if you are looking for an end to end customer support system it would be worth investigating.

Kayoko Engage looks good and will fit into the design of any modern website, if not straight out of the box then with only a little customization. Pasting a few lines of code into your web pages means that visitors will see a small popup on their screen enabling them to connect with a chat operator. We like the pre-chat surveys that you can pop up which will help direct the call or provide some information to the operator before the chat begins. The same can be done with post-chat surveys to gauge how well the call went. Kayoko provides some excellent reporting tools which let you drill down into this data to analyze the success of your customer support strategy.

Operators can access Kayoko Enage either from a browser or from the desktop tool. The user interface looks pretty similar and offers the same functionality both ways so, for ease of access, we preferred the web-based version. Operators can monitor site traffic in real time and drill down to see where each user has come from and which site referred them. Clicking a button invites the user to a chat session where the operator can provide support and advice. Invitations can also be set to go out automatically based on certain criteria such as when a user has been referred by a particular advertising campaign.

Kayoko Engage is a scalable solution that will suit any size of business. The pricing model is flexible, but we were disappointed that there are no discounts for large numbers of operator licenses as large teams could end up being quite expensive on a hosted plan. However, we still think Kayoko Engage offers good value for money so follow the links on this page to sign up for a free trial.

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