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Provide Support Review

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We have awarded Provide Support our prestigious Gold Award in this category, having reviewed 28 Live Chat Support Software. Read our review below to find out why...

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Whether you want to drive sales or stand out from the crowd, when it comes to customer service, allowing website visitors to chat live with your representatives is a must. A live chat can give a potential customer the extra push they need to click that buy button or the level of service that causes them to recommend your product to their friends.

Provide Support is an enterprise grade live chat system that you can embed in your website to give you these capabilities. It's secure, reliable, feature-packed and very easy to use which is why we have given it the top spot in our live chat support software category. There's a 10 day free trial on offer so we would suggest checking the links on this page to sign up straight away, but read on if you want to know more about what ProvideSupport can do for you.

First up let's have a look at how easy it is to get Provide Support running on your website. The whole process has been designed so that even someone without any technical knowledge can embed a chat link on their website. The first thing you will need is a Provide Support account to give you access to all the features. We'll say more on the account options available later, but signing up is a breeze and we were done in under 5 minutes.

Using your new account details you can then log into the administrator control panel and grab a snippet of HTML code that can be pasted into any website you like – you aren't tied to one domain as with some other services. Once you paste that code in and publish the page, your customers will see a button to allow them to chat with you. On their side everything works straight through a web browser. To reply to their messages you either log in and use the web-based administrator panel or download the more powerful Windows desktop tool. You or your operators can then easily chat with your customers and provide advice on your products.

From your customers' viewpoint, when they click a link a pop up will appear with an instant-messenger style chat window to allow them to type messages to you. This is fully customizable on certain packages and lets you brand everything with your company's colours and logo. The user interface will be very familiar to them and we couldn't see anyone having a problem getting in touch. One particularly useful feature of the chat software is that customers can transfer a file to you directly through the chat window. This is great for providing software support as a customer can provide log files, for example, directly to your operators.

  One particularly useful feature of the chat software is that customers can transfer a file to you directly through the chat window.  

The software you, or your operators, use to communicate with customers using Provide Support is much more powerful, but no more difficult to use. A web-based version or a downloadable Windows client is available and both have broadly the same set of features. The main view shows you all the visitors currently on your site and pop ups will appear if any of them request a chat session. There is a lot of information available, such as what country the user is in and which site referred them to you.

From this main dashboard you can enter multiple chat sessions at once to deal with as many customers as possible. To save time and speed up calls you can set up canned responses to deal with common queries and even automate these before passing the call to a real operator. Another neat feature is the ability to seamlessly pass the call between operators, allowing you to set up tiered levels of support.

To really drive sales from your, site Provide Support offers a range of features that can help you steer a customer the right way as they visit your site. One of the most useful is the ability to initiate a chat session pro-actively. If you select a visitor to your site and click this button they will see a pop-up appear inviting them to a chat session. From here you can provide sales advice and potentially up-sell products.

Additionally if it looks like a customer is having trouble finding something, you can initiate a co-browsing session which allows you to redirect their browser to the page they are looking for. This is great in a scenario whereby you may want to guide the customer through different products in a range.

We think Provide Support offers great value for money in the different packages it offers. The three basic packages on offer vary mainly by the number of operator accounts you can set up. However, there are some variations in the functionality too so make sure the feature you are looking for is included in the plan. These plans will likely suit most small businesses, but customizable enterprise packages are available if you have a particularly busy website. The whole system scales well so you could potentially have hundreds of operators logging in from all over the world.

We haven't even had time to mention the SSL encryption as standard, the built in analytics, the geo-location map and so much more. However, it should be clear that Provide Support is an extremely powerful live chat support system that can fit to the requirements of any size of company.

With a 99.9% uptime guarantee, it should be suitable for even the most demanding of environments. There is no doubt as far as we are concerned that Provide Support is well deserved of its number one spot in this category. If you are looking for live chat support software, follow the links on this page to sign up for your free trial today.

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